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Why I left a Contract in the Midst of the Pandemic

 So I got some time to write about a topic that I wanted to write for a long time. Why I left a contract in the midst of the pandemic?

In my entire life I have never seen as idiotic a guy as the one I worked with. He knew nothing. The fecking moron kept irritating and humiliating me to such an extent that I was forced to quit.

This moron had no respect for people he worked with. The only thing he knew was how to be a jackass trying to put pressure on his co-workers and exploit them. He got into fight with each of his major colleagues over the years because he had no idea that people needed to be treated with respect and humility. 

My last employer warned me about this guy that I went to work with. He said that the guy posted mindless things and seemed like an idiot and is not a good fit to work with. But I foolishly assumed that as a mistake and had to pay for that dearly. 

I did not want to leave the contract because I left all other sources of income. But he forced me to quit with his stupidity and mindless actions. The humiliating way he dealt with me was too much. He either did it deliberately to piss me off or was too much of an idiot to see that you do not mistreat your best performer.

Amazingly he had no idea that his behavior was pissing me off and continued to pile pressure on me with ridiculous charges and attempt to exploit me further without giving any thing in return.

The fecking moron thought that it was easy to complete the technology app I was building since he got the code. Devoid of any working intellect this idiot really thought the someone else will be able to pick up a new technology in a few months because they have the code now. I worked day and night to understand and assimilate this technology, and he let me go like I even did not matter! That is what happens when a brainless dud like him pretends to be a manager!

He made me feel like a thief, stealing something, slacking and not putting in my 100%. He was the chief demoralizer and demotivator. He would blabber something like WOW, Very Good from time to time like he was talking to a 5 year old, because he did not know how to motivate professionals.  And the next moment would whine about changing the fecking UI "really quick". In his stupid world programmers did everything "really quick" in 5/10/30 minutes!! So much so that at one point I felt like giving up coding for the rest of my life! I wonder how much his team is now doing things "really quick"!!

He assumed that since he paid me, he owned 24 hrs of my life everyday, Anytime I took a leave he would want to know the details. Even if I went to market for personal shopping he would want to know in details what I shopped. He has no concept of personal space or deliberately did it to exert more control over my personal life. Fecking moron,I am not an employee I am a freelance coder. Apart from the work it is nobodys business to ask me what I was doing in spare hours. 

This stupid moron continuously did things that angered me. Only 2 months into a contract he asked me to create another app for a client. He also gave a date. Then when I completed the App before date he gleefully informed me that the App was for demo purpose only! Fecking brainless moron! Would I slack if I knew that I was coding for a demo? Hell no!! I never slacked and did everything in time when clear guidelines were available. But this stupid idiot assumed that I would slack and not complete things on time because he himself was incapable of giving me clear guidelines. He did that regularly. He could never come up with clear requirements, would do to and fro and when things were not completed on time then get petulant. Fecking brainless idiot, you can not produce instructions and that is my fault?!!! 

He got into trouble with every intelligent person because his bird brain could not comprehend that he was being a jerk. He left the contact of an influential pharmaceutical manager because the manager got fed up with his stupid behavior. Later the moron lied to me that the manager left because he did not want to fund the project though he forgot that he himself told me that the manager was behaving like the owner of the project. Why not? The person saw that this moron was incapable of managing the simplest of things and got irritated.

I tolerated his sneaky, stupid and humiliating ways due to the money he was paying me. He probably thought that he was making me rich! He was not. I accepted his compensation offer because the city I was living in could not pay me as much but if I moved I would have got similar packages in Bangalore or Hyderabad. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I could not shift and had to get stuck with this nonsense for 8 years just for the hope that one that it will yield results. My colleagues and subordinates that I taught bypassed me long ago in terms of generating money. And I was stuck with this stupid for 8 years after making a wrong choice.

Everything about him was irritating and humiliating. He had no idea how to behave with an intelligent person. He treated me as a daily wage worker. I did not realize that for 8 years, then one day my eyes were opened due to the way this fool behaved.

What happened was, I created two apps in very short time to show to a group. He got praise from client and was awarded a contract. All due to my work. Now this a**hole did nothing to assure me in terms of revenue. He went ahead and forced me to sign a binding contract. This prevented me from working with any medical client for 12 months in the same filed. Are you kidding? I was on a per hour contract, it was not even a complete project. They could throw me out anytime without any compensation. If he went to any provider with this contract then they would have kicked his posterior. But even then I signed them out of concern for his job. He got emotional and moaned that he would lose his job. He assured me that he also signed such docs! Fecking idiot! What does it matter that a good for nothing broker like him switches companies or even quits? Who would care? But I was  a productive man and creating useful apps. And this moron was comparing himself to me!!

Then this fecking a**hole did an about turn and started questioning my billing hours!

I was working like a daily wage earner. He was not giving me any assurance of even 3 months of work and I had to sign the docs! And after I signed the docs this sneaky ahole puts pressure on me about my billing hours! I felt like smashing his head on the table. What type of fecked idiot does that to his best performer? My previous employer rightly warned me about this idiot.

Previously when I was working with the last company, I was rewarded multiple times. And the company before that held a conference call to see what was the problem in order to try to resolve the problem when I left. That is how a successful team leader behaves. This stupid guy was just the opposite. A few harsh words and he ran like a headless chicken and let me go.

He brought nothing to the table. No strategy, no vision, no tactics, no communication - nothing! Total ZERO!  He learnt that MVP means minimum viable product only after 8 years and excitedly declared it to me! He would sit with the marketing guys of the other team and pick up words like "cautiously optimistic", "window of opportunity" and immediately tell me that he was "cautiously optimistic" and that we lost a "window of opportunity" with Bangalore. Fecking moron, he did not know where to use such words. I immediately knew that he picked up theses words from somewhere as his level was far below to use such words. He was just a moron spending money and pretending to be an IT manager. He did not know how to deal with people and often ended up antagonizing intelligent people with his stupid behavior.

He was the village idiot banging head on a stone and declaring himself to be some sort of fighter! Insane!!

The problem was that due to a mild success of an app that he created this guy came to think that he was capable of generating success and I was the one blocking the road! The real fact was that the mild success he got was entirely due to his later father's association with the app. Without his late fathers name being associated with the app it would be nowhere near any success by any means. But this guy thought that the success of the app was entirely due to him and considered my actions are not enough to give him success. I got unfortunately entangled with this stupid guy for 8 years that completely screwed my career. 

I worked like a contractor but was treated like an employee. He kept pushing me to create a team in Bangalore because in his stupid mind a team was what was needed to overcome all ills. I knew that with his kind of stupid leadership the best team in the world would bomb so I was not interested. But eventually despite my reservations I went to Bangalore and bought him 25 resumes. Instead of acting on them he sat on them and did nothing. Not a single resume was selected. Later he said that we lost a "Window of opportunity" with Bangalore. I kept mum because he could not tolerate criticism and if I uttered something like that he would play a silly game of taking offence - switching off all communication channels for a few days.

He had me where he wanted. I was dependent on his paycheck every month for these full 8 years.

The last project I did for him was a quite difficult project that needed assimilation of cross domain knowledge.

That too bombed because he would not test the app the way I wanted. I had no way to test it over there in different networks so asked him to test it thoroughly. He made haste as usual and did not do any testing and went to market. Consequently the project bombed very badly. The idiot probably blamed me for the failure,

After screwing around  his projects for 8 years, where he could not muster to bring in any clients nor could stick to any promising project, he suddenly cut of funding saying that he could not keep giving me the money and giving me only 2 months to recover. This was the same moron who gave me a flat rate per month and not increasing a single dollar on the promise that he would keep funding as long as it takes if I take the flat rate! The fecking moron later lied that he gave me 6 months to recover!

I was at sea. I did not know what to do. I was dependent on him for a paycheck. The idiot also took down all the projects so that I could not even make a portfolio to show. 8 years of programming without a portfolio! The mistake I made at the beginning came back to bite me. Before this guy my career was zooming. The company where I was working tried to get me back after 3 months. I like a fool refused them to work with this guy,

The reality is that this guy is totally devoid of any idea apart from User Interface. He had this idea that only nice looking software sells. So anything I created was not enough as it did not look good. In the 8 years of my association with him he brought nothing to the table. No strategy, no vision, no direction, no tactics, no technical knowledge, nothing - total zero. Consequently everything bombed! In his stupid mind he probably thought that I was not coding seriously!!

After getting awarded multiple times by previous companies for my competency , it was strange to work with this total zero, but I made the big mistake of taking a paycheck and that was my undoing.

OK fine. You have no money so cannot continue. I was bitter but accepted it as is. What I did not know at that time was that he was already working with another team for a project of his late dad. Later I looked at the projects. They made nice interfaces from a 3rd party software and customized it to sell to their clients. An Indian company they had a branch in Texas, Fine. There was no need to hide that information from me. I was already out! He hid that information like I was the enemy!

Then he came back after 7 months and talked about reviving the dead project.  He offered me salary and equity (his own email)! I did not know at that time was that he already tried to revive the project with the new team and failed miserably because they did not know the technology. How can they? They mostly produced nice looking WordPress based sites for which this guy was  a sucker. They could not handle projects that needed cross domain expertise.  And this dumb idiot thought they will devote precious time to learn and implement a hard and new technology for him!!!!! No company ever learns new technology unless they are getting paid millions. I was doing that for him working at an hourly rate and he let me go like I never mattered!!

There was nothing these guys did that I could not do and he had the option to give me the work, he did not. He was looking for the wow looking software and the agile method that I proposed went above his head. I said that there would not be any monthly targets, rather daily work which needed to be checked each day. That way the project would go faster and complete faster. But his limited brain could not grasp the concept and he let me go. On top there was the last project which bombed because of his ineptitude. So he thought a new team was the cure.

I too should probably have purchased a nice looking admin interface and call it my own like these guys did. The rest was simple module work. But that thought never crossed my mind because as a developer I knew that would be cheating and increased code bloat.

So he came back and kind of begged me to do the project. If I knew what was his motive back then I would have rejected. Not knowing anything I though Ok that I should give him a chance. After all I myself was not doing great at my age and after so many years without additional clients.

So I did the project and did it exceptionally well because I knew the requirements. In between I ignored his suggestions mostly and at times I resorted to asking him only strict yes/no questions to get the requirements. I could tell he did not like what I was doing. Meanwhile I also rejected his stupid idea of using a paid theme. It was a medical project for godsake!

Ok, so now you have got the trust of the group because of my work, got the funding, now try to get me long term work. The brainless idiot did nothing. Instead he did just the opposite and tried to pile up nonsense on me.

I could notice him hiding stuff from me time to time and I did not know what he was up to. Meantime I also left all the local clients that I gathered during that time to work on his projects only. As has been his standard, he resorted to his true color once more as I completed the projects. He never had the intention of keeping me on payroll like promised.  

He brought in the 2nd team sneakily behind me to work on another project and did not tell me anything. They went on to work on the same server that I was working on. How about a courtesy call to inform me beforehand that someone is going to work on the same servers? The team went onto tweak things to suit their requirements. What sort of brainless moron does that?

Everything was so utterly humiliating for me! It was like I was the enemy and he needed to keep me in the dark regarding the other team! It was as if he kept me in work only because he had to! I was angry and upset at his stupid behavior and let him know through some harsh words. The solution was to sit together and try to find out what was bothering me! But as usual his stupid brain made it a dick measuring contest and he let me go like I was never needed! He was operating like a employer to employee mode while working with a freelancer! Fecking moron, if it was not for me you would not even get the funding to work with, Who would keep working for 19 hrs at a stretch to get him new technology?!!!! I did that and much more.

Then he started comparing my work with them. He told me that someone else worked on his dad's projects and it was way better. Ok, then why do not you try that with me? Give me a project rate like them and post up your requirements and see what I can do. But no, he was dead against giving me any project basis work, his little brain could not comprehend the concept of daily targets.

Then things started to get worse. He started doubting my billing hours. For a project of such complexity he had no understanding of how it worked and thought it similar to what the other team was doing. This was the same guy who promised me salary and equity after a few months and now after 3 months he was questioning my billing. It was super humiliating.

The last nail in the head was when he brought a new binding document for me to sign. It was very very restrictive and did not permit me to work on same industry for another 12months. Fecking moron. I am not an employee that I will sign such docs. Such docs are signed only when you have a long term contract. For hourly rate works this type of documents are never signed. Give me the whole project to sign the docs. The jerk wont do that. So I refused to sign. Then he went all emotional and moaned that he would lose his job if I did not sign. I relented so that he does not suffer. Then this ahole went immediately back to his former self and asked me to lower my bill the next month to "fly under the radar".

It was his project, he was controlling who got the money, I did my best to give him what he wanted. Instead of making sure that I got paid for the long term he was trying to exploit me and be a super hero for the group for which he worked. He brought in the 2nd team without me knowing anything, and was putting pressure on me. Fecking bastard, you wont get the money for the team if I did not help you with the first project. Stupid ungrateful lout.

When I protested he responded by delaying payments. That was a tactics to keep me under pressure because in his mind  I had no option. He also played a stupid game of make believe with a PI system I wanted. He would pretend to send that system then lie that something went wrong with it. I came to know about it when there was no tracking id and he lied that the product will be shipped from Bangalore when actually the product was to be shipped from Delhi because that he where the vendor has shop. He probably thought that I was out to get a PI system for free though in reality  I wanted the system for real time testing. He did not test the previous project thoroughly and it bombed badly.

Fecking moron, I have created the system for which you got praise from the group, now try to get me financial security. Instead the moron was busy on a doc to exploit me. The group did not know about the doc, it was entirely this moron's creation. He wanted to exploit me by preventing me from working with any other company but gave me nothing in return. In his stupid brainless world that is how people behave with others who have done them immense good. 

There was no need for the doc. It was his own creation. The group would not even bother with a doc like that. He also knew that the doc meant nothing because I could always work without name. Even after all this, he insisted on on my signing the docs because he wanted control. Fecking stupid moron. You have nothing to call your own and you want now to exploit the best man you have?!!!

It was unbelievable the way this guy adopted sneaky means to make enemies.  

Then I realized that this guy was out to exploit me further. He was not interested in improving anything because he was not capable of doing so. So he would play stupid mind games and keep me running in circles like he did for 8 years. So  I decided to quit.

Ridiculously he seemed too pleased to get rid of me! He just let me go without trying to resolve the conflict. It was mind blowing. Previously when I spoke my mind with my bosses I never got the sack. Instead of sacking me they actually wanted to know what was bothering me, because I was brining a lot of value to the companies. Now this moron was just the polar opposite. He could not digest my harsh words and ran like a headless chicken. I was the most valuable guy for him, no one knew the technology better than me. But for this guy it did not mean anything, his nonsense pride was the ultimate thing. My strong words were too much for me and like a pu**y he ran from me.

The parting shot was him accusing me of delaying a push notification system. He said that  I took 2 weeks to do that. A big lie. I do not know whom he was playing to because we both knew it was a lie. I took 8 days to complete the system from ground up. I did the server from scratch because he wanted the system to be HIPPA compliant. The fool does not even realize that the system he got now is worse and is not HIPPA complaint as they created it with a commercial 3rd party server and it will need payments once the system crosses a limit in creating messages. I bet the team did not tell him that! I think someone should report to authorities that this guy is using a non-hippa system for his critical care application. Authorities will put him in jail for this or sue him in court. It only takes some 5 to 8 minutes to prove that there is no HIPPA compliance in any of the systems.

I was expert in the technology he needed. I was researching ways to improve the offering. Medical technology is a billion dollar business. I already made inroads to master the technology. I was prepared to do more research to produce world class products. But this idiot just let me go because his stupid mind figured that since they got my code they will be able to produce my performance! The sheer stupidity of this guy was mind blowing!

This idiot had an idea that he was paying me too much and all Indian programmers were underpaid. The fecking moron had no idea that in a city like Bangalore or Hyderabad programmers of my skills and experience were getting paid 2 times what I was getting. His stupid brain had this thought that he was doing me a favor. This bird brain ruined my entire career! And in reality I was doing him a big favor by sticking with him and doing Apps from my own understanding as his skills in explaining things to programmers was totally zero. 

He is now working with that Indian Company. I do not know how they are tolerating him. Maybe because of the dollar he is paying they too are keeping mum. Because I know one thing for sure. No intelligent person can bear this idiot for long. He will pay through his nose to get similar services that I was providing. But as always this moron will 100% screw up and then look for another team!

The team can not replicate what I did. The technology that I covered was one and half years of hard work and this fool believed that since he got the code now he can copy it to the other team and everything will be fine. Software does not work that way. He probably realized this as he came back again to ask me to "review" his project. What review? The real thing is that the project flopped badly after I left. They could not make it work. It was bound to happen. I gave him warning countless times. But this moron was too thick to understand.

This fecking moron was so dumb that he thought they anyone can pick up device programming in a few months and then integrate with a webrtc project if they get the code. His knowledge of technology is limited to copy paste and this idiot cannot even pick up the right team. Dumb fool, the team he picked up was mostly a wordpress team making nice interfaces whereas he actually needed a hardcore programming team to even make sense of the code that I wrote. They will struggle for years before they can make something out of the code. No one is going to do the dedicated work that I did for this idiot

This idiot would behave like he has multiple options ready to go and I am only a fringe option. I knew that and still kept mum because of the paycheck. He would say things like he had the option to go with Zoom instead of me! Dumb idiot, nobody tampers with zoom because it is patented and has limited options. And someone would have customized Zoom for him?!!!! The idiocy of this pea brain was mind blowing! 

He would get into trouble with all the efficient people and declare that he is a fighter and will keep on fighting. Fecking moron. Getting into trouble with efficient guys is not facing a challenge. That is your stupidity that makes it a challenge.

I regret teaching this moron many invaluable concepts in technology. I kept it light to make it easy for his pea brain. I regret staying up late nights to serve his work, I regret doing huge  research to acquire new technology to serve his client. Nobody would ever do that for him. Instead of being in gratitude and assure me about getting paid, he took everything for granted

I wonder what he is learning with the new team. At most he will pick up some marketing speak. Apart from marketing speak they will teach him nothing. This big zero will remain a big zero. He cannot even learn things that he learned with me. He cannot repeat the tricks he used with me. I saw through every stupid trick but kept mum because of the paychek. My anxiety became high because I knew I was not getting anywhere with this fool. 

I am 100% sure that the projects he is doing now with the new guys are getting screwed all over again. Bound to be. He does not realize that the problem is not the team but he himself is the main problem. He will keep them circling and then demand that something magical is done. He gave them the technology that I coded, yet they can not handle it because it takes months and years to understand and implement this technology. The fecking fool thought they will just cut copy paste and everything will run smooth as butter. What a moron!

The sad part is that I accepted everything from this idiot because I thought that he needs more time to learn and turn things around. I accepted all his shortcomings. I even gave him the option to fix things. But the trickery he did with me regarding the new team, document and the PI was a new level of duplicity and finally I realized that this guy was only interested in exploiting me more and extract the maximum. In his stupid mind he was the boss and I was the employee though in truth I was a freelance coder. He was giving me nothing in return for the things I did for him because he is simply an idiot who could not understand that behaving like a master with a freelancer is never going to work!

That dumb sh*t is probably screwing up with the current team also and my guess is that he will end up with a readymade software for the group. This bird brain can not work with anyone and is sure to make enemies. He will choose something from the currently available options and then project it like he has found the solution. The idiot is unable to take pain and create something from scratch, he cannot manage anything, it is just not in his DNA. If the group is smart they will kick him out for misguiding them. They must have realized by now that they got associated with an idiot of the highest order.

The shock and hurt I felt from the entire episode is beyond comparison. I am very very unfortunate in that I realized very late that this guy is never going to change. I gave him countless chances of getting reformed, I tolerated his little sneaky acts but this moron always came up with another idiotic act to punish me. 

I blame myself for so belatedly figuring out this narcissitic little pool of sh*t. A talentless, skill less big zero who pretends to be in the know to people to get work. This piece of sh*t cannot make it in a million years. Whatever he touches turns to sh*t. 

I wasted my most productive years working for a zero. I am not going to get back those golden years spent on working for  this idiot.

Moral of the story. Never ever associate yourself with an idiot. He will lower you to his level and then leave you high and dry.


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