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Why I left a Contract in the Midst of the Pandemic

 So I got some time to write about a topic that I wanted to write for a long time. Why I left a contract in the midst of the pandemic?

I did not want to. But the guy I was working with forced me to quit with his stupidity and mindless actions. I was prepared to do long nights and prepared to take on any technology challenge. But this guy kept pushing me to such an extent that I was forced to quit. This guy did not know how to manage or interact with people. He wanted control and made me feel like I was just surviving on his dole outs. Comparison with the other team, snide remarks about my pace of work, meddling with my work, stupid comments all the time about the way I handled stuff - all these were getting on my nerves.  He needed a dedicated programmer to handle the projects technically, but he chose to play stupid mind games to blow it all. He did all these even after I gave him enough reason to be grateful to me. 

I gave him a decent contract with a medical group. Due to my work performance he got the contract. Instead of being in gratitude he went on to make life difficult for me. Three months into the contract he brought up a binding legal contract. It prevented me from working in the same industry for 12months. It was pretty restrictive so I wanted him to assure that I get at least 3 months job. He would not do that. Fine, then increase the rate that I am getting. He would not do that either. He already gave word to the group that I will be accepting the contract. I could not believe it. Who gave you permission to take decisions on my behalf? He was treating me like an employee without giving me the the benefit of one. When I declined, he went all emotional about it and said that he will lose his job if I did not sign. I signed the docs so that he does not suffer. But he rewarded me with humiliation and back stabbing. I did not know that he was already working with another team. He brought in that team sneakily behind my back for working on another project without telling me anything. The team went on to work on the same server that I was working on and tweaking things to their liking. When I asked, the ungrateful dolt lied that no one was working besides me. It was insane. There was no need to lie to me. Your project, you can do anything you want, but have the courtesy and gratitude to inform me beforehand that someone will be tweaking stuff on the server that I am handling. It is called common sense. After all you got the funding due to my work. It was a prime example of how you should not deal with people in IT industry.

It all came out later when I pressed. Then he confessed that another team was already working on another project! This guy really had no idea  how to deal with people. 

Then he accused me of taking more time to complete a push notification system. It was mind blowing. You got a contract due to my work just 2 weeks ago and now you accuse me of slacking? He could not understand the way I built up the whole system. In his mind he was comparing my work with the other team. The reality was that I took 8 days to complete the project and I did that from scratch. I did not work on weekends.  I had to start from scratch because he wanted the system to be HIPPA compliant. And I had a good look at the system they had developed later. It was using a 3rd party commercial server, exposing the communications to that vendor and on top it was paid. There was a limit to which the server can be used and beyond that payments are required.  I bet they did not tell him that. Also there was no HIPPA compliance with this system which he repeatedly forced me to use. HIPPA is not required now?

There was another incident with a raspberry Pi system. The level of cheating that he did made me want to puke. I wanted the system to make tests on my own. The previous project bombed because he did not test it enough and made the system live. I did not want to risk that this time. So I wanted to have a Pi to test things. He probably thought it was an attempt to get a Pi for free and played a silly game of pretending to send the system. He would say that he sent the system but failed to give me any tracking number. When i pressed he came up with a non-existing number just to show that he sent the system. Actually he did not send anything. He was just biding for more time to move over the control to the other team. It was sad and infuriating. After long 8 years of association if you choose to play stupid games like this then you don't understand loyalty or ethics and should not be doing any business.

I rightly poured it out one day. Instead of resolving the conflict and understand why I was angry he took it as a dick measuring contest and went 10 - 12 days without giving me any job to do despite agreeing to get organized and sending me work.  He promised me salary and equity, he got the contract because of me, but now he was hiding work from me so that I do not get paid. And while he went missing he was steadily removing my access to the project without even a courtesy call to say that he is doing so. It was unbelievable the way this guy could make enemies through his stupid actions. Then I realized that this guy was going in the same way he was doing before. If I waited for work he would insult me further with comparison with the other team. He was already delaying payments and moving over control, now he would go one step more and terminate my contract. He would do the same damn things which he was doing for previous 8 years - directionless, clueless and doing things on impulse. This guy did not change at all.  I decided to quit to save my face.

Amusingly when I got angry with his behavior, he coolly turned around and accused me of being nasty and mean! 

He probably thought that he got a superior team as my replacement! Then after 10 months he contacted me again to "review" his project! So the super team he got now needed to be reviewed by me!! Are they not the same guys you replaced me with? I thought they were creating mind blowing software every day!! And after 10 months of letting me go unceremoniously now I am needed to "review" their work?  For real? I declined.


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