Why I left a well paid Contract in the Midst of the Pandemic

 So I got some time to write about a topic that I wanted to write for a long time. Why I left a well paid contract in the midst of the pandemic? I was working with this guy from texas. It went well for 3 months and then things changed.  He made me feel like an unwanted man, just surviving on his dole outs. Comparison with the other team, snide remarks about my pace of work, meddling with my work, stupid comments all the time about the way I handled stuff - all these were getting on my nerves.  I gave him the contract with this group. I worked my socks off to get 2 projects up and running which impressed the group. Without me he would not have got anything. Despite that he choose to pressure me with an insane agreement. He tried to bind me down to not working in the same industry for 12 months without giving me anything in return. He was treating me like an employee without giving me any benefit of one. I signed the docs because I did not want his family to suffer. But he had no gratitu
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