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Sidhu Resigns as Punjab Chief of Congress

 So N.S Sidhu has resigned as chief of congress yesterday. Any one surprised at all?!! He has been this rebellious avatar from his cricket playing days. Anything that does not suits him, he is out! He had a famous fallout with the Indian captain Md. Azharuddin in 1996 over a small incident and came back India without completing the tour! The current resignation is also true to his nature. What happened is - after ousting the sitting CM he thought to have got a malleable CM that he can mold anyway he likes. When that did not happen he rebelled!  
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Why I left a Contract in the Midst of the Pandemic

 So I got some time to write about a topic that I wanted to write for a long time. Why I left a contract in the midst of the pandemic? I did not want to. But the guy I was working with forced me to quit with his stupidity and mindless actions. I was prepared to do long nights and prepared to take on any technology challenge. But this guy kept pushing me to such an extent that I was forced to quit. This guy did not know how to manage or interact with people. He wanted control and made me feel like I was just surviving on his dole outs. Comparison with the other team, snide remarks about my pace of work, meddling with my work, stupid comments all the time about the way I handled stuff - all these were getting on my nerves.  He needed a dedicated programmer to handle the projects technically, but he chose to play stupid mind games to blow it all. He did all these even after I gave him enough reason to be grateful to me.  I gave him a decent contract with a medical group. Due to my work pe